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We know how frustrating it is to have an emergency such as not being able to open a specific file, a computer not starting up, not receiving a specific email, being infected by a computer virus, having deleted files by accident and more. To add insult to the injury, you are trying 3 or 4 times to reach your technical support and they are not picking up the phone or are very busy to come by and see what is the problem. At PERIMETROS we are, primarily, trying to minimise the times a technical problem will arise by providing 24/7 IT managed services that aim to proactively and automatically fix technical problems before they arise. But when a problem arises, we took the necessary steps to ensure you can find us anytime anywhere. We have instituted 7 different communication methods so you will never be left without help.     


A few years ago, in a project, we faced total catastrophe. A corporate windows domain infrastructure was inadvertently destroyed by mistake. A script that was supposed to delete temporary files executed in the wrong folder and deleted system files. More than 16 windows servers remained at boot or displayed BSOD. The company could not operate. File and print servers, Exchange and SQL servers and Oracle databases were completely inoperable. One by one, for 36 straight hours, we have re-installed all the OSs and restored all the data from the latest differential backup, having first restored the full backup. We take pride in knowing that we will never give up, not  until we have completed our work or there is a workaround in the meantime. 


Time is money. We will never waste it. Our day begins by resolving any critical customer operational issues at hand only to proceed in responding to emails and other frequent daily tasks such as payments and speaking to our partners. Throughout the day we are planning and exercising conscious control of time spent in order to increase our effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Technology is a considerable aid and we use it to the maximum extent. Almost constantly we are observing our calendars, schedulers and project time management solutions to keep track of time, measure any unexpected delays and adjust our time accordingly.     


A government customer, with very specific and really sensitive cyber security mission wanted to host their website in a secure manner. At the time we were only offering one managed security service, protection from DDoS attacks. Through brainstorming we've consolidated multiple pre-existing IT and IT security solutions, cyber security processes and incident response in an award winning multilayer cyber security platform able to provide effective SLA'ed security such as time to detect and contain a security incident and many more. It matters to us to prove that we can work successfully in complex situtations with many parameters, and not necessarily with unlimited means to assist us in the process.      


In the worst sandstorm in years, the datacenter we were delivering our managed security services from was covered in sand while the electrical wiring in the ground floor melted from a sustained power surge. It took us an hour to failover to the disaster recovery site. For almost an hour a few managed security services were down and therefore we had violated our availability SLAs. in good fortune none of our customers were impacted by the absence of the services or even reported it. Nevertheless, we have immediately initiated the rebate process to compensate our customers for the loss of service. We believe it pays tenfold to be confident in discussing with our customers every matter related to the delivery of our services.    

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