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Break fix services

Professional services

At PERIMETROS we are technically savvy in in the design, implementation, configuration and hand-over of short and long term technology projects. Our experience spans almost two decades of network, system, cyber security and application related implementation work. The IT areas we feel comfortable in delivering are local and wide area IP networks, Microsoft windows infrastructure environments such as windows domains, exchange servers, Sharepoint and IIS, SQL servers and Microsoft dynamics servers, UNIX servers like SMTP, DNS and WEB servers and of course security solutions i.e. network and next generation firewalls, web application firewalls, intrusion detection systems, SIEM solutions and 0day protection systems. 

Fee for service

This model of service delivery is better fitted for resolving specific technology problems either remotely or onsite. The charges are applied based on our highly competitive hourly or man day rate. We strive to complete our work in one go, but if we cannot we never leave our customer without a workaround solution. Also we never charge for the same work twice. 

One stop shop

Clearly we cannot deliver everything, but we do have some great partnerships for the work we don't know how to complete. The customer will always have a single point of contact (SPOC) for all aspects of a technology project if they choose to trust us with the delivery of a complete project. The glue that binds everything together is our knowledge of the technology and of course our experience in managing complex and diverse projects.   

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