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Cloud Transformation

Cloud orchestration

What makes a public, private or hybrid cloud environment, from disparate computer components such as hypervisors and bare metal servers, network elements such as software switches and software, is a cloud orchestration program. At PERIMETROS we are specialising in introducing automation in a cloud environment using openstack heat and VMware vCenter. 

On premise to cloud SaaS

software as a service (SaaS) comes in many forms. Cloud web hosting, cloud based CRM, cloud backup and restore, disaster recovery as a service, penetration testing as service and more. There is a paradigm shift, Oracle is competing with Amazon on which company will bring the best cloud database to the market. Salesforce is competing headon with on premise CRM vendors and it's winning. At PEERIMETROS we are using most of the above. We are using salesforce as our CRM, Kaseya to backup our data to the cloud and WiX to build and host our website. We are cloud powerusers and having seen the operational and financial benefits of it, we are ready to answer all the questions you may have.  

On premise to cloud IaaS

Slowly but steadily organisations are migrating from on premise installations to the cloud. The reasons are many! scalability, cost savings, reliability and many more. Infrastructure as a service affords a small company to use all the necessary computing resources it requires in order to setup shop at a fraction of the cost of an on premise installation. Whether you want to explore AWS, Azure or something in between we can advise you in all matters of VM provisioning, fulfilment and assurance.   

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